Talking with Evangelicals: A Guide for Catholics

Talking with Evangelicals: A Guide for Catholics



It is imperative that Catholics and Evangelicals move beyond mutual stereotypes they may have of one another. In this book, part one provides a history of Evangelicalism and an answer the question of who is an Evangelical? Part two takes up specific issues that distinguish Catholics and Evangelicals. The method is intended to affirm a common faith while providing mutual understanding of the doctrines and practices that divide the two communities. It is directed more to the Catholic reader who when confronted by an Evangelical Christian often does not know how to respond. Special attention is given to the experiential aspects of Christian life that often place the Catholic Christian at a disadvantage such as a personal relationship with Christ. By exposing the underlying doctrinal differences and then appealing to the experiential register in both traditions, it is hoped that the book will equip Catholics to anticipate the fruitful possibilities of this dialogue. By taking up the challenge of Evangelicalism to Catholics as well as exposing some of its weaknesses, it is hoped that a more robust and ecumenical Catholic identity will emerge for the reader.



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Table of Contents

What is an evangelical Christian? --

Points of understanding between Catholic and evangelical Christians. Overcoming stereotypes --

What we share in common --

Some differences --

What every Catholic should be aware of when relating to evangelicals --

The challenge of evangelicals to Catholics --

What evangelicals might learn from Catholics --

Talking with Evangelicals: A Guide for Catholics