Judeo-Christian-Islamic Heritage: Philosophical & Theological Perspectives

Judeo-Christian-Islamic Heritage: Philosophical & Theological Perspectives



The Abrahamic faiths—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—have bequeathed to the world a rich religious and cultural heritage which has been enormously influential through the centuries up to the present. While this is easily evident in the modern practices of these monotheisms, it is also profoundly present in the development of their diverse intellectual traditions with theological and philosophical insights and analyses seeking to understand and explain the nature of the presence of the divine to human beings.

The present collection of essays by a wide array of North American scholars provides a dozen studies of language, discourse, debate, and reasoning with a focus on theological and philosophical issues central to these three traditions that commonly call Abraham their human and/or spiritual father. Collectively these essays represent a dialogue among those who work at crossroads of theology, philosophy, history, language, and religion. Their dialogue adds to the growing library of works that seek to highlight collaboration and common ground between these religious and philosophical traditions. The dialogue is multi-directional, taking place within various religions and philosophical perspectives, as well as between religion, theology, and philosophy. It is also multi-purpose in that it seeks to transcend the mere theoretical, and to reveal the concrete; the thinkers, philosophers, and theologians discussed in these essays were deeply concerned with mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence, a goal that has become even more desirable in this post-9/11 world.



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Table of Contents

The question of "first language" in Arabic, Syriac, & Hebrew texts / Deirdre Dempsey --

Islam & Christianity: one divine & human language or many human languages / Thérèse-Anne Druart --

Al-Farabi, Avicenna, & Averroes in Hebrew: remarks on the indirect transmission of Arabic-Islamic philosophy in medieval Judaism / James T. Robinson --

Delhi's debates on Ahl-i Kitāb: Dara Shikuh's Islamization of the Upanishads / Irfan A. Omar --

Thomas Aquinas's Summa contra gentiles and Averroes's Great commentary on De anima / Bernardo Carlos Bazán --

Avicenna & traditional Islamic belief / Michael E. Marmura --

Faith, reason, & religious diversity in al-Farabi's "Book of letters" / Luis Xavier López-Farjeat --

Islamic humanism in the thought of Ibn Khaldun & Malik bin Nabi / Phillip C. Naylor --

"He who knows himself knows his Lord" : reflections on Avicenna's suspended man argument / Mehdi Aminrazavi --

Avicenna on individuation, self-awareness, & God's knowledge of particulars / Deborah L. Black --

Averroes on the Sharī'ah of the philosophers / Richard C. Taylor --

Albert the Great on structure & function of the inner senses / Jörg Alejandro Tellkamp--

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Judeo-Christian-Islamic Heritage: Philosophical & Theological Perspectives