<em>Ophelia's Voice,</em> a Translation of <em>La voz de Ofelia</em> by Clara Janés

Ophelia's Voice, a Translation of La voz de Ofelia by Clara Janés



Ophelia’s Voice is a translation of Janés’ book La voz de Ofelia (2005), accompanied by a substantial introduction by Anne Pasero. This book of Janés is autobiographic in nature, written in poetic prose, and recounts her return to writing following a six-year hiatus, after discovering the Czech poet Vladimir Holan and his A Night with Hamlet. Janés finds her poetic voice again in her vision of Ophelia, in response to Holan, and this exchange will greatly affect her subsequent work. In her introduction, Anne Pasero aims to shed light not only on this particular book but as well on the development of all of Janés’ poetry. To that end, in her essay she discusses the nature of women’s writing and autobiography, the meaning and importance of the Ophelia figure in Janés’ poetic evolution, and Janés’ literary relationship with Holan and its profound influence on her work.

Anne Pasero’s work is the first of its kind in English and invites readers and scholars to engage in the poet’s writing process while also providing valuable insights into the complex beauty of the Ophelia text and the overall nature of Janés’ literary trajectory. Ophelia’s Voice thus promises to be a significant contribution to the field of contemporary Spanish poetry and to an enhanced appreciation of the rich complexity of Clara Janés.



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University Press of the South


New Orleans


Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature


Table of Contents

Acknowledgements, 6.

Foreword, 7.

Introduction, 9.

I. Clara Janes: Life, Work and Writing the Self, 9.

II. Garden and Labyrinth [Jardin y laberinto], 25.

III. Ophelia 's Voice [La voz de Ofelia], 33.

IV. Related Poetic Works [In Search of Cordelia, Kampa], 64.

Conclusion, 72.

Translation: Ophelia's Voice, 73.

Works Consulted, 108.

Index, 117.

<em>Ophelia's Voice,</em> a Translation of <em>La voz de Ofelia</em> by Clara Janés