The Land of Give and Take

The Land of Give and Take



In The Land of Give and Take, Tyler Farrell’s second collection of poems, a variety of characters appear as on a stage: teenagers and grandparents, priests and poets, the wise and the foolish, professors and proles. Their stories are told by an acute narrator, or often by the characters themselves, and as one poem says, “someone buys the story.” The reader buys these stories for their authenticity and pathos. Shadowing many of the poems is a conflicted Catholicism, sometimes resentful of the churches claims, but recognizing that nothing else gives weight and meaning to the lives of these transient personalities.



Publication Date



Salmon Poetry


Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


English Language and Literature


Table of Contents

I. The Honest to God Truth

A Found Postcard

The Influence of Joyce and Clarke on the Loss of My Faith

The Truth of Angels and Ravens

Ode to Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet (May Day 1673)

Mid-Afternoon at a Barn Outside Platteville

Three Poems for James Liddy

Three Poems for Joyce and Beckett

Up the Minute News Reporting

The True Nature of Catholicism

Jane Gallop's Phone Monkey

Mass in Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Looking for the Ghost of Fr. Roseliep

On Hearing that an Old Hotel in Downtown Dubuque is Scheduled for Demolition

Five Short Poems

The Fleeting Avenues of Summer

The Burning Shadow

Hymn to a Martyr

The Lord Giveth (Poem for Michael Hartnett)

Poem for Lorine Niedecker

God's Chosen People

Poem in Honor of Austin Clarke's Reverence

A Topic for the Confessional

Writing Grants for Notebooks

The Renovation of the Shelbourne Hotel


Three Catholic Prayers

The Lives of the City, Long Forgotten

Cameras One through Five

II. Journals to __________

I Have spent My Life Going Through Withdrawal over Someone I Almost Fell in Love With

I Wrestled With You in this Poem

Midday Marauders

Pray Let Me Know

The Pleasure and Pains of Lust

Lockstep Love

Three Short Poems

Months of Petals

Milwaukee Afterparty I Should Have Avoided

The Land of Give and Take (Trinity)

III. The Exaggeration of Everything

The Mystery and the Truth

Change the Gait of My Life

The Navigators

Long Sleeve Black Shirt

Elizabeth Bowen's Rome

More Swift to Run Than Birds to Fly

The Development of History

Thoughts in an Empty Bar after Thanksgiving

High School Confessional

Something I Heard

The Sorrowful Mysteries

Old Growth Forests like Days in the Afternoon

Three Poems for Train Travel

Four Short Poems

The Man Who Shot John Lennon

Postcard Written After Viewing the Books of Kells

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The Land of Give and Take