Ethics in Marketing: International Cases and Perspectives, 2nd edition

Ethics in Marketing: International Cases and Perspectives, 2nd edition



Understanding and appreciating the ethical dilemmas associated with business is an important dimension of marketing strategy. Increasingly, matters of corporate social responsibility are part of marketing's domain.

Ethics in Marketing contains 20 cases that deal with a variety of ethical issues such as questionable selling practices, exploitative advertising, counterfeiting, product safety, apparent bribery and channel conflict that companies face across the world. A hallmark of this book is its international dimension along with high-profile case studies that represent situations in European, North American, Chinese, Indian and South American companies. Well known multinationals like Coca Cola, Facebook, VISA and Zara are featured. This second edition of Ethics in Marketing has been thoroughly updated and includes new international cases from globally recognized organizations on gift giving, sustainability, retail practices, multiculturalism, sweat shop labor and sports sponsorship.

This unique case-book provides students with a global perspective on ethics in marketing and can be used in a free standing course on marketing ethics or marketing and society or it can be used as a supplement for other marketing classes.



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Taylor & Francis (Routledge)


New York


Business Ethics, International Marketing, Marketing Management


Table of Contents

Part 1: Background

1. Foundational Perspectives for Ethical and Socially Responsible Marketing Decisions

2. Advanced Perspectives for Ethical and Socially Responsible Marketing Decisions

3. "Preserving the Venture"—A Sample Case Study with Frameworks and Ethical Analyses

Part 2: Short Cases

4. Just a Friendly Request

Terri L. Rittenburg

5. Going Along to Get Along

Raymond F. Keyes

6. Casas Bahia

Chrissy Golden

7. Discount Drugstore: No Gifts Allowed?

Gene R. Laczniak

8. Reference Prices in Retailing: What is a Fair Comparison?

Fiona Harris

9. Drug Testing in India

Nicholas J.C. Santos

10. Starbucks China: The World’s Priciest Cup of Coffee

Peilu Chen

Part 3: Intermediate Cases

11. Superior Services: Should Short Skirts Sell Software?

Lori Lepp Corbett

12. Tough Decisions: Something to Snack On

Brendan D. Murphy, Patrick E. Murphy and Stacey L. Meader

13. A Young Pharmacists Dilemma: Questionable Transactions

Barbora Kocanova and Veronika Vosykova

14. PETA

Karin Besenbaeck and Haley Rosenbach

15. Zara & Fast Fashion

Sarah Eide, Elizabeth Sadler and Sarah Tonti

16. The Co-operative Bank of the UK

Fiona Harris and Sarah Tonti

17. Counterfeits in Online Retailing: How They are Sold and What Can Be Done to Fight Back

Barbara Stöttinger and Julia Gschwendner

18. Montenegro Electronics, Ltd.

Jacob Bagha and Gene R. Laczniak

Part 4: Long Cases

19. The Coca-Cola Company: The Skinny on a Big Fat Problem

Marshel Rapuzzi

20. Auchan (France)

Geert Demuijnck

21. TOMS Shoes: One for One Movement

Robert Meara, Matthew Terilli and Jennifer Sawayda

22. Facebook in the Developed and Developing World

Eva Marie D. Schulte

23. VISA and FIFA: Everywhere You Want to Be?

Brian R. Levey and James Matakovich

Ethics in Marketing: International Cases and Perspectives, 2nd edition