Hebrews: Belief: A Theological Commentary on the Bible

Hebrews: Belief: A Theological Commentary on the Bible



The book of Hebrews is a fascinating extended sermon which has nurtured and challenged the church for centuries. It stands in tension with our sensibilities but provides guidance for the church's life and for individual Christians. In this theological commentary, D. Stephen Long explores this captivating book. He finds Hebrews extremely relevant for today since it integrates doctrine, ethics, and politics while helping faithful Christians find their ways through troubled times. It invites us into a robust world beyond the assumptions of today's scientific worldviews. Hebrews also helps us understand how to read Scripture after the triumph of Jesus Christ. Long's expert theological guidance helps us understand Hebrews and hear its message for our contemporary world.

The volumes in Belief: A Theological Commentary on the Bible from Westminster John Knox Press offer a fresh and invigorating approach to all the books of the Bible. Building on a wide range of sources from biblical studies, the history of theology, the church's liturgical and musical traditions, contemporary culture, and the Christian tradition, noted scholars focus less on traditional historical and literary angles in favor of a theologically focused commentary that considers the contemporary relevance of the texts. This series is an invaluable resource for those who want to probe beyond the backgrounds and words of biblical texts to their deep theological and ethical meanings for the church today.



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Publisher's Note

Series Introduction by William C. Placher and Amy Plantinga Pauw



Introduction: Why Hebrews? Why Now?


1:1-2:18 God Speaks

Further Reflections: Holding Fast, Revising, or Rejecting Conciliar Confessions

Further Reflections: Attentiveness

Further Reflections: Source(s) and Canon(s)

3:1-6:20 Christ: Faithful and Merciful High Priest

Further Reflections: Explicit Faith, Pagano-Papalism, and Infant Baptism

Further Reflections: "Judaizing"

Further Reflections: Protestant Gnosticism and Modernity

Further Reflections: Perfeetion and Deification

Further Reflections: Enchanted Spaces and the Death of God

7:1-10:39 Priesthood and Sanctuaries

Further Reflections: Blood Sacrifices, Innocent Death?

Further Reflections: Temple Theology

Further Reflections:Turning Bodies into Stones

11 :1-12:13 Finding Yourself among the Saved:

Faith and Endurance

Further Reflections: Faith, Reason, and "That God Is"

Further Reflections: Apocalyptic

12:14-13:25 Concluding Paraklesis and Theophanie Vision

Pursue Peace and Holiness

Further Reflections: The Politics ef the Priest-King

Further Reflections: The God Who Speaks


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Index of Ancient Sources

Index of Subjects

Hebrews: Belief: A Theological Commentary on the Bible