Analyzing Narrative Reality

Analyzing Narrative Reality



Analyzing Narrative Reality offers a comprehensive framework for analyzing the construction and use of stories in society. This centers on the interplay of narrative work and narrative environments, viewed as reflexively related. Topics dealing with narrative work include activation, linkage, composition, performance, collaboration, and control. Those dealing with narrative environments include close relationships, local culture, status, jobs, organizations, and intertextuality. Both the texts and everyday contexts of the storying process are considered, with accompanying guidelines for analysis and illustrations from empirical material. Methodological procedures feature interviewing, ethnographic fieldwork, and conversational and textual analysis. The conclusion raises the issue of narrative adequacy, addressing the questions of what is a good story and who is a good storyteller.

Analyzing Narrative Reality is truly multidisciplinary and should appeal to researchers working across the social and behavioral sciences and humanities, as well as to narratively focused researchers in nursing, education, allied and public health, social work, law, counseling, and management/organization studies.



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Table of Contents

Introduction - A Point of Departure.

Part. I - Narrative Reality, 1.

Chapter 1 - Stories in Society, 3.

Chapter 2 - Forms of Analysis, 15.

Chapter 3 - Into the Field, 27.

Part. II - Narrative Work, 39.

Chapter 4 – Activation, 41.

Chapter 5 – Linkage, 55.

Chapter 6 – Composition, 69.

Chapter 7 – Performance, 81.

Chapter 8 –Collaboration, 93.

Chapter 9 – Control, 109.

Part. III - Narrative Environments, 123.

Chapter 10 - Close Relationships, 125.

Chapter 11 - Local Culture, 139.

Chapter 12 – Status, 149.

Chapter 13 – Jobs, 161.

Chapter 14 – Organizations, 173.

Chapter 15 – Intertextuality, 185.

Part. IV - Narrative Adequacy, 199.

Chapter 16 - What Is a Good Story? 201.

Chapter 17 - Who Is a Good Storyteller? 211.

Afterword: Stories Without Borders? 225.

References, 229.

Credits, 239.

Author Index, 241.

Subject Index, 245.

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Analyzing Narrative Reality