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Education for All

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Journal of Mathematics Education

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DOI: 10.26711/007577152790065


This exploratory study examined prospective elementary teachers’ (PSTs’) number and operation sense (NOS) in the context of solving problems with fractions. Drawing on the existing literature, we identified seven skills that characterize fraction-related NOS. We analyzed 230 responses to 23 tasks completed by 10 PSTs for evidence of PSTs’ use of different fraction-related NOS skills. The analysis revealed that PSTs did not use all seven fraction-related NOS skills to the same extent. PSTs’ responses documented their frequent reasoning about the meaning of symbols and formal mathematical language in the context of fractions. To a lesser extent, PSTs’ responses documented their reasoning about different representations of fractions and operations, about the composition of numbers, and about the effects of operations on pairs of fractions. We also examined possible relationships among the seven fraction-related NOS skills identified across the analyzed responses. The results reveal that some of the fraction-related NOS skills appear to support one another. Given that NOS skills provide a foundation for effective mental computation strategies, our study shows the need for explicit attention in teacher preparation programs to supporting PSTs in developing a strong awareness of and facility with a range of fraction-related NOS skills. Our study also raises questions about the relationship between PSTs’ conceptual understanding of fractions and their fraction-related NOS skills and provides suggestions for future research that explores further connections among the fraction-related NOS skills.


Published version. Journal of Mathematics and Education. Vol. 14, No. 1 (2021): 92-113. DOI. © 2021 Education for All. Used with permission.

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