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Korean Statistical Society

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Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods

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Heavy tailed distributions are useful for modeling actuarial and financial risk management problems. Actuaries often search for finding distributions that provide the best fit to heavy tailed data sets. In the present work, we introduce a new class of heavy tailed distributions of a special sub-model of the proposed family, called a new extended alpha power transformed Weibull distribution, useful for modeling heavy tailed data sets. Mathematical properties along with certain characterizations of the proposed distribution are presented. Maximum likelihood estimates of the model parameters are obtained. A simulation study is provided to evaluate the performance of the maximum likelihood estimators. Actuarial measures such as Value at Risk and Tail Value at Risk are also calculated. Further, a simulation study based on the actuarial measures is done. Finally, an application of the proposed model to a heavy tailed data set is presented. The proposed distribution is compared with some well-known (i) two-parameter models, (ii) three-parameter models and (iii) four-parameter models.


Published version. Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods, Vol. 28 (January 2021): 1-19. DOI. © 2021 Korean Statistical Society. Used with permission.

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