An Alternative Distribution to Lindley and Power Lindley Distributions with Characterizations, Different Estimation Methods and Data Applications

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Walter de Gruyter

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Mathematica Slovaca

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This paper proposes a new extended Lindley distribution, which has a more flexible density and hazard rate shapes than the Lindley and Power Lindley distributions, based on the mixture distribution structure in order to model with new distribution characteristics real data phenomena. Its some distributional properties such as the shapes, moments, quantile function, Bonferonni and Lorenz curves, mean deviations and order statistics have been obtained. Characterizations based on two truncated moments, conditional expectation as well as in terms of the hazard function are presented. Different estimation procedures have been employed to estimate the unknown parameters and their performances are compared via Monte Carlo simulations. The flexibility and importance of the proposed model are illustrated by two real data sets.


Mathematica Slovaca, Vol. 70, No. 4 (July 24, 2020): 953-978. DOI.