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By incorporating force transducers into treadmills, force platform-instrumented treadmills (commonly called force treadmills) can collect large amounts of gait data and enable the ground reaction force (GRF) to be calculated. However, the high cost of force treadmills has limited their adoption. This paper proposes a low-cost force treadmill system with force sensors installed underneath a standard exercise treadmill. It identifies and compensates for the force transmission dynamics from the actual GRF applied on the treadmill track surface to the force transmitted to the force sensors underneath the treadmill body. This study also proposes a testing procedure to assess the GRF measurement accuracy of force treadmills. Using this procedure in estimating the GRF of “walk-on-the-spot motion,” it was found that the total harmonic distortion of the tested force treadmill system was about 1.69%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the approach.


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