Experimental Analysis of Electro-Assisted Warm Spin Forming of Commercial Pure Titanium Components

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The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

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Aircraft manufacturers continue to use larger quantities of titanium components to increase strength and reduce weight. While various forming processes can be used, spin forming is particularly well suited for economically producing small and large quantities of axisymmetric parts. However, due to its limited formability at room temperature, titanium is typically warm formed. In the study, a new type of electro-assisted warm spin forming method based on the electroplasticity effect is presented. Experimental results show that electro-assisted forming technology can significantly improve forming quality of titanium parts. Advantages of the method include short forming times, uniform temperature distribution, simple operation, and convenient control. The influence of process parameters, including current intensity, feed rate, spindle speed, and lubrication, on the formability of commercial pure titanium sheets was systematically analyzed using an industrial spinning machine. It was found that deformation is mainly concentrated in the arc phase of the curved generatrix. Finally, components were subjected to uniaxial tensile stress and biaxial compressive stress based on previously defined forming limit curves. The technology is feasible and easy to control and has the potential for application to other rotary sheet forming technologies.


The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 102, No. 1-4 (2019): 293-304. DOI.