Improve Efficiency of a FMS Cell Through Use of a Computer

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Industrial Engineering

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In an independent study project at Marquette University, computer simulation modeling was used to model a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) cell to achieve an increase in: 1. the utilization of the resources, and 2. the productivity of the cell by reducing the manufacturing lead time of the finished parts. The cell is currently set up to produce 3 components (base, jaw, and screw) for the assembly of a vise. The simulation of the Milwaukee Area Technical College flexible manufacturing cell was performed using the Simulation Language for Alternative Modeling (Pritsker, 1986) and the Extended Simulation Support System (Standridge and Pritsker, 1987), which adds a relational database management system and animation capabilities to the simulation. This simulation model showed that a 24% increase in productivity would be realized by moving the 2nd step in the processing of the screw all the way to the end, after completion of both the base and the screw.


Industrial Engineering, Vol. 21, No. 11 (November 1989): 28-34. Publisher Link.