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Contribution to Book



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18 p.

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Winter 2010


Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators

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Mathematics Teaching: Putting Research into Practice at All Levels

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This paper describes how an integrated mathematics content and early field-experience course provides opportunities for preservice elementary teachers to develop understanding of mathematics and mathematics teaching. Engaging preservice teachers in solving and discussing mathematical tasks and providing opportunities to implement these tasks with elementary students creates an authentic context for the future teachers to reflect on their own understanding of mathematics, mathematics teaching, and students’ mathematical thinking. Essential elements of the cycle of events in the integrated model of instruction are discussed: preservice students’ acquisition of mathematical concepts in the context of selected tasks in the content course; subsequent posing of mathematical tasks in early field experiences; reflection on work with students; and response to instructors’ feedback.


Published version. "Developing Preservice Teachers’ Mathematical and Pedagogical Knowledge Using an Integrated Approach" in Mathematics Teaching: Putting Research into Practice at All Levels. Eds. Johnny W. Lott and Jennifer Luebeck. San Diego, CA: Association of Mathematics Teachers Educators, 2010: pp.173-189. Publisher link: © 2010 Association of Mathematics Teachers Educators.