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Journal of Universal Comupter Science


Mobile phones have become the most hated device that people cannot live without. For its primary usage as a communication device, it has surpassed any other medium. But it comes with a high price, interruption, anywhere anytime. These unwanted interruptions cause loss of productivity and also mostly not beneficial to the immediate task at hand, and moving them few minutes into the future can increase productivity. Considering receiver’s unavailability, it is possible to manage cell phone disruptions using advanced features like sensing capability, ubiquitous computing and context aware systems. This paper proposes the architecture of a system named Mobile Intelligent Interruptions Management (MIIM), created for the automated administration of personal unavailability with regard to cell phones. We provide the problem description of interruption and its impact. Next, we state the desirable characteristics and architecture of the MIIM system. We also provide a case study implementation of MIIM system on the Android platform. Simulation and evaluation results show that its computational volumes are low enough for a mobile device. The analysis of the system also successfully satisfies all the characteristics requirements.


Published version.Journal of Universal Comupter Science, Volume 16, No. 15 (2010) 2060-2080.

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