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Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications

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We propose a five parameter transmuted geometric quadratic hazard rate (TG-QHR) distribution derived from mixture of quadratic hazard rate (QHR), geometric and transmuted distributions via the application of transmuted geometric-G (TG-G) family of Afify et al.(Pak J Statist 32(2), 139-160, 2016). Some of its structural properties are studied. Moments, incomplete moments, inequality measures, residual life functions and some other properties are theoretically taken up. The TG-QHR distribution is characterized via different techniques. Estimates of the parameters for TG-QHR distribution are obtained using maximum likelihood method. The simulation studies are performed on the basis of graphical results to illustrate the performance of maximum likelihood estimates (MLEs) of the TG-QHR distribution. The significance and flexibility of TG-QHR distribution is tested through different measures by application to two real data sets.


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