For academic year 2017-18, Marquette University will engage in a year-long series of events focusing on health equity. Building on last year’s theme “Freedom Dreams Now,” this year will explore health disparities, the social determinants of health, and opportunities for achieving greater equity locally and globally. Engaging students, faculty, staff, and the communities making up greater Milwaukee, Forum events will focus on several dimensions of health equity:
Children’s health/social determinants of health
Mental health: enduring stigmas and challenges
Global health: developing Marquette networks
Incarceration and health
Milwaukee: accessing healthcare
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Tuesday, October 17th
12:00 AM

Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Neighbors: What Fractures the Well-being of my Community?

Keith Stanley, Near West Side Partners
Anthony McHenry, Milwaukee Academy of Science
Michael R. Lovell, Marquette University
Jeff Martinka, Neighborhood House
Teresa Thomas-Boyd, Central City Churches
Abiola O. Keller, Marquette University

Marquette University

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM