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Background: The population of Arab Americans (AA) in the United States continues to increase in recent decades. The perceptions of AA university students will be of interest as they are younger than any other group in America, but very few studies explore their opinions especially with regards to topics involving religion, health, and mode of thinking as proposed in this study. Researchers have also suggested that a limitation in much of the research that currently exists on the topic of spirituality and religion is that it primarily focuses on Christian samples, and that future studies should include individuals from more diverse faith traditions for researchers to gain a more thorough understanding of the relationship between religion and health.

Purpose: Main Purpose of this qualitative study is to explore the relationship between positive thinking, religion, and health from the perspectives of Arab university students.

Design and Methods: In this descriptive qualitative study, two focus groups were recruited. Content analysis was used to come up with the categories and subcategories.

Findings: Three distinct categories were identified: Positive thinking enhances overall health, Positive influence of religion on way of thinking/health, and negative influence of religion on way of thinking/health.

Practice Implications: All the findings will provide insights for health professionals to provide more culturally competent care to their patients accounting for their faith-based health beliefs and ultimately helping to eliminate health disparities.


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