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Few resources are available to help first generation middle- eastern immigrants (FGMEI) manage their problems and their challenging situations that may impact their physical and psychological well-being. Positive thinking training is an intervention designed to help FGMEI improve their ability to deal with these problems. The purpose of this pilot study was to evaluate the six intervention parameters of an in-person face- to- face positive thinking training intervention (PTTI). Twenty FGMEI participated in this pilot intervention that included (a) participating in a four weeks face to face intervention sessions (one and half hour per session). (b) completing two questionnaires over a 4-week time period (pre-post intervention measures). Data were evaluated within the context of the six parameters essential to the PTTI development namely; necessity, feasibility, acceptability, fidelity, safety, and effectiveness. Results provided initial support for all six parameters with recommendations to improve aspects of the PTTI.


Published version. Psychology & Behavioral Science International Journal, Vol. 12, No. 4 (July 25, 2019): 555841. Permalink. © 2019 Juniper Publishers.

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