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Marquette University Press

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Human Fertility: Where Faith and Science Meet

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Couples wishing to achieve or avoid pregnancy can now use an electronic hormonal fertility monitor to aid home fertility monitoring. The Clearplan Easy Fertility Monitor (CPFM) is a handheld monitor designed to help couples achieve pregnancy. It provides information on three levels of fertility (low, high, and peak) based on urinary threshold levels of estrogen and luteinizing hormone (LH). The monitor can be used as an aid to avoid pregnancy when used with another marker of fertility. We conducted an efficacy study to determine the effectiveness of using the monitor along with cervical mucus monitoring with 215 couples seeking to avoid pregnancy and found a correct-use unintended pregnancy rate of 2.0% per annum and a total pregnancy rate of 13.0% per annum. These same couples rated the monitor easy to use and helpful based on a ten-item survey. Overall, the monitor is not perfect, but can be useful for couples who wish to have an objective device for fertility monitoring.


Published version. "Usefulness of Electronic Hormonal Fertility Monitoring for Avoiding Pregnancy," in Human Fertility: Where Faith and Science Meet, Milwaukee, Wis. : Marquette University Press, c2008: 125-140. Publisher link. Used with permission.

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