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Marquette University College of Nursing


These scripts were written by Beck Menk in 2018. The scripts were commissioned by Kristin Haglund & Ruth Ann Belknap as part of their research study at Marquette University College of Nursing.

Dr.'s Haglund and Belknap conducted focus groups with teens ages 13-19 about peer & dating violence. The purpose of that study was to understand behaviors and situations that occurred prior to violence. Our intention was to use the results of that study to create scripts for short plays to teach teens how to recognize behaviors and responses that can escalate violence and to learn how to change those behaviors and responses in order to prevent violence.

Beck Menk was commissioned to write the short scripts that depicted 7 types of precursor behaviors. Ms. Menk used the audio recordings and the results of the data analysis to create these scripts. These scripts were originally work shopped and written for youth in Milwaukee, WI. We found the scripts to be very well received by youth. Both the actors and audience joined in robust conversation about the plays and the situations depicted within each story.

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Commissioned by Kristin Haglund.

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