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Western Journal of Nursing Research

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DOI: 10.1177/01939459211018829


This study compares quality of discharge teaching and care coordination for parents of children with challenging behaviors participating in a nursing implementation project, which used an interactive iPad application, to usual discharge care. Unlike parents in the larger quasi-experimental longitudinal project, parents of children with challenging behaviors receiving the discharge teaching application (n = 14) reported lower mean scores on the quality of discharge teaching scale–delivery subscale (M = 8.2, SD = 3.1) than parents receiving usual care (n = 11) (M = 9.6, SD = 4.7) and lower scores on the Care Transition Measure (M = 2.44, SD = 1.09) than parents receiving usual care (M = 3.02, SD = 0.37), with moderate to large effects (0.554–0.775). The discharge teaching approach was less effective with this subset, suggesting other approaches might be considered for this group of parents. Further study with a larger sample specific to parents of children with challenging behaviors is needed to assess their unique needs and to optimize their discharge experience.


Accepted version. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 2021 (online before print). DOI. © 2021 SAGE Publications. Used with permission.

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