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Some part of this material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1756005.

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NSF 1756005


This analytical solver calculates the radiative transfer in plane-parallel gray medium bound by two gray walls. The solution procedure is discussed in detail in Chapter 14 of “Radiative Heat Transfer” (3rd Edition) by Michael Modest.

CRediT Statement: Mika, Moens, and Nevarez (alphabetically listed) were the main developers and contributed equally in the coding and documentation. David contributed to an earlier version of the code and developed test cases. Povinelli supervised the software development. Roy provided theoretical support and supervised the overall project.

Current Version: v1-alpha

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Fortran file

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The code and a readme file on how to use the code is archived in a single gunzipped tar (tgz) archive.

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