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Walter de Gruyter

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Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Philosophie

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Abstract: Mind as Spirit in the World of Culture. Philosophy of Culture, "Naturalistic" Transcendental Philosophy and the Question of the Space of Culture. In this essay I present Cassirer's philosophy of culture as a special application of Kant's transcendental philosophy. I then compare and contrast it to another tradition, namely the Pittsburgh School, especially McDowell. The starting point here is the Sellarsian concept of the 'Space of reasons', which McDowell expands through his Aristotelian-inspired concept of 'Second nature'. By way of a rather peculiar interpretation of an early interpreter of Cassirer -Howe- I will attempt to bring 'Marburg' and 'Pittsburgh' into a conversation. The result will be a position mediating both traditions and which one could call, following Howe, a 'Naturalistic idealism'. In the end I will attempt to demonstrate the superiority of Cassirer's position, which, however, does not necessitate a rejection or even refutation of McDowell's.


Published version. Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Philosophie, Vol. 405 (2018): 129-149. DOI. © 2018 Walter de Gruyter. Used with permission.

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