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American Physical Therapy Association

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Physical Therapy

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doi: 10.1093/ptj/63.2.225


The purpose of this study was to determine if classroom laboratory time could be reduced in a basic physical agents course. Fifty-seven junior physical therapy students were randomly assigned to three laboratory sections. All students received identical lectures, demonstrations, course materials, and laboratory manuals. The control group, Section 1, received supervision and assistance during laboratory practice. Students in Section 2 and Section 3 worked independent of instructor supervision but could receive assistance from the instructor in an adjacent room. Students in Section 2 were provided with feedback following periodic assessment by the instructor. Attitudinal questionnaire responses indicated that the students preferred the supervised laboratory section. The presence of the instructor during classroom laboratory practice of basic physical agents did not affect student performance. Comparison of written and practical examination results indicated no significant differences in student performance. Classroom laboratory time for faculty and students was reduced when students worked independently.


Published version. Physical Therapy, Vol. 63, No. 2 (February 1983): 225-228. DOI. © 1983 American Physical Therapy Association. Used with permission.