Wound Healing : Evidence-Based Management, 4th Edition

Joseph M. McCulloch, LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport
Luther Kloth, Marquette University

McCulloch, Joseph and Kloth, Luther. Wound Healing : Evidence-Based Management, 4th Edition. F.A. Davis Co., 2010. Permalink.


This most complete resource is back in a full-color, thoroughly revised, updated, and significantly expanded 4th Edition that incorporates all of the many scientific and technological advances that are changing the scope of practice in this multidisciplinary field. Learned authors Joseph McCulloch and Luther Kloth have gathered world renown experts in wound management to present a comprehensive text that is evidence based, clinically focused and practical. Responding to the ever-changing field of wound management, the 4th Edition is far from a simple update; it is virtually a brand-new text. The committed and respected teams of authors and contributors have broadened the scope of this text and expanded it from 14 to 35 chapters.