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Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

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DOI: 10.1093/arclin/acv010, PubMed Central: PMID: 25779600


We investigated the similarity of the Wechsler Memory Scale-Fourth Edition (WMS-IV) Auditory Memory Index (AMI) scores when California Verbal Learning Test-Second Edition (CVLT-II) scores are substituted for WMS-IV Verbal Paired Associates (VPA) subtest scores. College students (n = 103) were administered select WMS-IV subtests and the CVLT-II in a randomized order. Immediate and delayed VPA scaled scores were significantly greater than VPA substitute scaled scores derived from CVLT-II performance. At the Index level, AMI scores were significantly lower when CVLT-II scores were used in place of VPA scores. It is important that clinicians recognize the accepted substitution of CVLT-II scores can result in WMS-IV scores that are inconsistent with those derived from standard administration. Psychometric issues that plausibly contribute to these differences and clinical implications are discussed.


Accepted version. Archives of Clinical Psychology, Vol. 30, No. 3 (May 2015): 248-255. DOI. © 2015 The Author. Published by Oxford University Press. Used with permission.

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