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Winter 1974


Howard University School of Education

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The Journal of Negro Education

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DOI: 10.2307/296647


The impact of the recent "black nationalism" movement, as manifested in such phenomena as the emphasis on "black is beautiful," the appearance of many more Blacks on television and in advertising, and heightened racial tension, is undoubtedly having a considerable effect upon this generation of black children. It could be predicted that the self-concepts of these children are being affected by this new social climate, and perhaps there is an increasing emphasis on racial pride in their self-perceptions.

This study, a comparison of the self-concept of Negro and white children, attempted to control the socio-economic level, a factor which has made comparisons of Blacks and Whites in much previous research rather equivocal. The variables of race, sex, and age, relative to the frequency with with which a child used certain descriptive content categories to describe himself were then studied. Given the paucity of previous research with children on this topic, the present study was undertaken for its exploratory value and no predictions concerning its outcome were made.


Published version. The Journal of Negro Education, Vol 43, No. 1 (Winter 1974): 104-110. DOI. © 1974 School of Education, Howard University. Used with permission.

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