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Wolf Legal Publishers

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Transnational Criminology Manual, Vol. 1

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As Convict Criminologists we draw upon our experiential knowledge as prisoners held within the American criminal justice system. That experience provides us with a substantial emersion within the material conditions of life within prison as politics, criminality, and the impact of money substantially altered the criminal justice system in the USA that surrounded and controlled our lives. Combined, our experience goes back to the 1970s as convicts, then up to the present as academic faculty and researchers. We review what we believe is the best evidence that explains the inter-relationships between policies (political), criminality and money, and their age-old dance with race, class, and ethnicity in the United States. We first provide a general introduction outlining our research, followed by the historical overview of core policy changes that led to the vast expansion of corrections and their social impacts. Then we take a closer look at research examining intersections of race, money, and politics in USA on drug and crime polices. Conclusions follow.


Published version. "The Impacts of Political Policies, Criminality, and Money on the Criminal Justice System in the United States," in Transnational Criminology Manual, Vol. 1. Ed. M Herzog-Evans. Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers, 2010: 313-332. Publisher Link. © 2010 Wolf Legal Publishers. Used with permission.