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Transnational Criminology Manual, Vol. 3

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Most criminologists tend to base their view of prison on ideological assumptions gathered from secondary sources, with at best limited entry to the prison world. They nearly always get it wrong, as they systematically exclude the perspectives and real life experiences of their human subjects. These academic researchers have contributed to poor public policy that promotes the violent repression of prisoners in the USA and other countries. In response, Convict Criminologists are ex‐convicts working as criminology and criminal justice professors, along with “non‐con” associates, that insist that as a means for societies to develop humane, effective, and cost efficient prisons, we must develop ways to incorporate the voice of prisoners in our theorizing about, policy recommendations for, and management of the prison.


Published version. "Prison as Seen by Convict Criminologists," in Transnational Criminology Manual, Vol. 3. Ed. M Herzog-Evans. Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers, 2010: 343-360. Publisher Link. © 2010 Wolf Legal Publishers. Used with permission.