Exploring Agreement on Appropriate Responses to Domestic Violence and Sexual Trauma Across Victim Advocates, Mental Health Service Providers, and Substance Abuse Treatment Providers

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Women & Criminal Justice

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doi: 10.1300/J012v16n04_06


Research suggests that survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault are more at risk than the general population for substance abuse and/or mental health disorders (Kendler et al., 2000). Additionally, research suggests that survivors of both crimes are at risk to be “multiply diagnosed-have” a history of victimization, a mental health diagnosis, and abuse of alcohol and drugs (Steele & Rechberger, 2002). While advocates have called for a change in the treatment of trauma survivors to treat their multiple needs, the availability of collaborative care between victim advocates and behavioral health professionals remains questionable. Using survey data collected from victim advocates, mental health service providers, and substance abuse treatment providers, this study assesses the extent to which providers of different backgrounds agree on how to effectively and appropriately serve domestic violence and sexual assault survivors-the first step in achieving the goal of holistic care.


Women and Criminal Justice, Vol. 16, No. 4 (2006): 119-144. DOI.