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The International Library of Essays on Capital Punishment

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In contemporary Russia there is widespread support for the death penalty. Recent Russian presidents have endorsed the nation’s entry into the European Community (EC). The dilemma is that the price of membership into the EC is total abolition of capital punishment. The Russian Duma is much less popular than the president, even though it sides with public opinion in supporting capital punishment. Since 1997, these conflicting political positions have been temporarily neutralized by leaving capital punishment legislation in place but allowing the Russian president to offer clemency to all sentenced to death. In 1999, the Constitutional Court of Russia placed a moratorium on all death sentences until jury trials are re-introduced throughout the nation.


Accepted version. "Death Penalty Politics and Symbolic Law in Russia," in The International Library of Essays on Capital Punishment, Volume 3. Farnham, ENG: Ashgate Press, 2013: 191-215. Publisher Link. © 2013 Ashgate Press. Used with permission.