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Pennsylvania Speech Language Hearing Association

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Journal of the Pennsylvania Speech Language Hearing Association


This study examined the response of a young child with autism to two play-based intervention conditions: adult-mediated and peer-mediated. The client was five years old, demonstrated moderate-to-severe autism, and exhibited developmental functioning between the 14 to 34 month level. The peer-mediated condition, based on a modified Integrated Play Group approach, utilized a typically developing peer who was three years of age. The study utilized an ABAB alternating treatment design to compare the impact of the adult- and peer-mediated interventions. Results from the current study suggest that the adult-mediated intervention resulted in increased engagement and more sophisticated social-communicative behaviors than the peer-mediated approach for the child with autism. Clinical implications, limitations, and future research directions are discussed.


Published version. Journal of the Pennsylvania Speech Language Hearing Association, (December 2011): 49-61. Publisher link. © 2011 Pennsylvania Speech Language Hearing Association. Used with permission.