Date of Award

Spring 1932

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




A new interest in the last few years regarding school health has sprung up, and since a very large proportion of the child population is of school age, the health program of the school child is of great moment in the public health program. In the present state of society, many parents through ignorance, inability, or pure neglect do not surround their children with the proper safeguards to health. So it is a matter of wisdom for the community to take an active part in child welfare. In the last decades, much time, study and money have been devoted to the bettering of child health. The following sources for helping the child are to be commended: The Health Education Department of the Interior Bureau of Education; Mental Hygiene; The National Education Association; American Child Health Association; American Medical Association; Education; School Life; The National Tuberculosis Association; The American Journal of Public Health; and many others, too numerous to mention. Does society as a whole realize its responsibilities for the efficiency and well being of the school child? The 74 responses to a questionnaire sent to the school boards of 74 cities and counties will shed some light on the question. The writer's thanks for assistance in writing this thesis are due to Dr. George E. Vander Beke for his patient guidance and suggestions, to Dr. Max Fox of the Milwaukee Health Department, to the American Child Health Association, New York City, for their generous supply of literature, and to the many educators throughout the country who so graciously responded in giving the desired data asked for in the questionnaire.