Date of Award

Summer 1938

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




The psychological and the sociological aspects of education have long been emphasized in the education process. One cannot disagree with the soundness of beginning with a psychological insight into the individual's capacities, interests and habits and that they must be translated into terms of social usefulness but it must not end there. Psychologists, scientists, educators and sociologists have experimented long and seriously in an effort to understand the individual and to help him "to adjust" himself happily to his environment. Valuable as the experiments of educational research have been, they do not reveal the whole individual. This a science of education can never do. By the very nature of the object of its study, education is a normative science and as such it should be concerned with values. Values are found in ends and ends are not found in science but in philosophy, which reveals not only the nature of the self but also its destiny and end. A science of education must not develop apart from a philosophy of education. To the psychological and sociological aspects of education, the philosophical aspect should be added to make it complete. It is the purpose of this thesis to show 1) that the self by its very nature is a unity 2) that the development of the self ought to be in accordance with its nature 3) that the self is the determining force in its own development.