Date of Award

Summer 1950

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

O'Brien, Cryil C.

Second Advisor

Treacy, John P.

Third Advisor

Topetzes, Nick J.


The Purpose of this work is to report the results of a survey of the music curricula of the universities, both state and private, of the United States and possessions. The survey was made in order to determine the nature, scope, and extent of offerings of a musical nature with a view towards comparing the relative comprehensiveness and underlying philosophical criteria by a system of relative appraisal, analytical and synthetic judgement, and statistical inquiry and investigation. The implications of the results of this study lie in their value from the point of view of guidance to music educators and also to curriculum planners. The work has value in that it can serve as a reference to universities interested in discovering the standards and norms of present day requirements and offerings. Finally, it can also serve as a reference work to those contemplating music as a vocation, avocation, or diversion. All this, plus the fact that it can be used as a basis or guide for further research, lends a definite significance to the undertaking.