Date of Award

Spring 1971

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Hoff, John

Second Advisor

Gawkoski, Roman S.

Third Advisor

Cannon, Mary Alice


There is a great range of scholarly opinion on grading systems ranging from a relativity new 2-point pass/fail system at one extreme to a long established 13-point system at the opposite extreme. The introduction of a limited S/U option into the existing 5-point system at Marquette University represents a compromise between the traditional and the innovative. The original intent of the S/U option system at Marquette University was to provide a program for enrichment of educational experiences of undergraduate students. After several semesters of operation the program is receiving criticism ranging from "a lowering of our standards" to "needs greater expansion." This study will discuss the initiation of the program and its development over five semesters, and will analyze available statistical data. Tested will be the general hypotheses that the level of student achievement is independent of the grading system used. In addition, this study will make recommendations based on the objective data for the future development of the option at Marquette University.



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