Date of Award

Spring 1935

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




This study of the use of Psychoanalysis as a therapeutic procedure in stammering or stuttering was begun with the realization, that as a problem, stammering is little understood and much misunderstood. Much research and investigation is going on and points of view are constantly changing, but up to the time of this writing, victims of the disorder will be found, who will contradict every theory set forth as to the nature of their defect.

With this as a guiding principle, it is the task of the Speech Correctionist to use every legitimate means at his disposal which promises to aid in the correction of the defect. It is the purpose of this study to examine Psychoanalysis from this point of view and to attempt to discover whether or not it may be helpful.

The first consideration, following the historical considerations, is the nature of the opinions of those who have already applied psychoanalysis to this problem. Their theories will be examined and criticized and their method will be evaluated. Such an evaluation will yield the justifiable conclusions concerning the possibility of the use of psychoanalysis as a therapeutic procedure in stammering.



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