Date of Award

Summer 1933

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Foreign Languages and Literatures


Inspired by the notable work of the very eminent Gustave Lanson, celebrated historian of French literature, we have taken his "Tables" as a model for our endeavor. In his work he so ideally synthesizes the great literature of his country that it is of inestimable value to the students of French letters. We felt, therefore, that a similar index might prove to be of some small benefit to those interested in South American literature and show at the same time what a wealth of culture is to be found in this as yet unsung continent. Accordingly, we have made the effort to gather scattered material and present "en masse" the flower of South American authorship: to present, as it were, a key to that which is finest and best in the literature of South American. As the title indicates, the work is a list of excellent authors accompanied, wherever possible, by date of birth and death, and arranged chronologically according to the date of publication of their compositions. The publication date not being available, there is an approximate placement, which is particularly true in the column entitled "Periodismo". Names of newspapers and other periodicals were obtainable but the dates were missing in many instances and thus had to be omitted. With regard to posthumous publication, which was frequently the case during the colonial period, rather than take the writers out of the century in which they lived, we have placed their works at the approximate date of writing, indicating at the same time the date of publication. Where the publication was after the author's death but within the century in which he lived, we have affixed the date of publication in the chronological order. The last five to ten years are, of course, rather meager and only tentative, due to the scarcity of available material.