Date of Award

Spring 1932

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Foreign Languages and Literatures


People who are not trained specifically in the source materials of Roman history are often handicapped when they wish to look up information on some special topic in Roman History by lack of a list of those works wherein material on that subject can be found. This lack is felt especially by teachers of high school Latin who are interested almost exclusively in the Golden Age and who would be unable to utilize the works of the Silver Age to fullest advantage except by expenditure of far more time and energy than they have at their disposal for such tasks. It seems, therefore, advisable in the interests of the classics that this widely felt need be supplied. For that reason the present writer undertakes the preliminary task of constructing the skeleton for more adequate study of individual authors. The present work is to be but a bare outline of that part of the literature of the Silver Age which is of special interest to the historian. It pretends to be a mere index to this literature or at best an annotated table of contents.