Date of Award

Summer 1973

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Price, Michael J.

Second Advisor

Sokolnicki, Alfred

Third Advisor

Jones, Leo


The educational program in the secondary school contributes substantially to the liberal arts education. In many school systems, speech is a required subject, with its basic aim being the development of effective communication. In the South Milwaukee Public School System, Basic Speech is required of all high school students. One of the speech electives available to eleventh and twelfth grade students is a full year course in Theatre Arts. The performance portion of this course concentrates on the skills and techniques involved in the creative activity of acting. Emphasis is placed on the testing and trying of various acting theories for the stage. Included in this curriculum is the study of movement and gesture, emotion and interpretation of character, imagination and concentration, vocal flexibility and projection, and rehearsal techniques. The production portion of the course concentrates on technical aspects of the theatre. Emphasis is placed on the many behind the scene responsibilities involved in the total production of a play. Included in this course is the study of stagecraft, including set design and construction, stage operation, including lighting and sound, stage properties, costumes and make-up, programs and tickets; and also the management and financing of a production. The student enrolled in this course becomes involved in the production of a one-act or full-length play. In 1972-3, the entire Theatre Arts class, along with the high school's dramatic honor society, the International Theaspian Society, Troupe 1894, studied and participated in a unique theatrical experience in a secondary school. The presentation of Traditions of the Orient, featuring music, dance, and the Kabuki drama, The Zen Substitute.