Date of Award

Summer 1971

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Price, Michael J.

Second Advisor

Siettmann, James P.

Third Advisor

Sokolnicke, Alfred J.


The subject of competition as an effective educational tool has been in the area of controversy since the early Greeks. It remained just that, an ever present never resolved controversy until 1949 when the North Central Association of Colleges and Uni versities declared all music, art and speech competition be eliminated. In the twenty two years that have lapsed since the North Central Association report it would appear from published sources that few changes have been made. Therefore this thesis will attempt to discover if coaches and directors have adopted the suggestions in the NCA report and thereby substituted other motivations for competition. An historical method of research will be used 1 in Chapter Two to give an historical overview of forensics. The concept of forensics will be defined and the growth of forensics in America will be traced through the periods of suppression, toleration, capitalization and exploitation. Chapter Three will examine twelve national authorities on, f orensics who span the last forty years. Their cases for competitive and hon-competitive speaking events will be presented, including possible answers to their prevailing criticisms. After reviewing national o pinion, Chapter Four will record the results of a survey mailed to forensic coaches in the state of Wisconsin. The intent of the survey was to discover their use of competitive events and non-competitive events as educational tools. A descriptive method will be used in Chapter Five to record ideas and philosophies of five of the aforementioned Wisconsin coaches. Their opinions were gathered in a two hour tape recorded symposium-forum held on November 10, 1970 at Marquette University. The express purpose of this symposium was to present an opportunity to get an in depth report on the motivational techniques used by these high school coaches. Chapter six will be an evaluation and summary of the information gathered. This chapter will include a statement of conclusions.



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