Date of Award

Spring 1969

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Arnold, James W.

Second Advisor

Helbert, Clifford


The Chicago Convention looked like a tragedy of American living, and the Miami Convention a comedy. Between these two extreme aspects, the 1968 U.S. presidential campaigns provided me with an opportunity to observe what elections were like in a free society, the election being one of the most typical characteristics of a democratic society. Also interesting was the news media coverage of the campaigns. It was more than an interest, rather an intense curiosity, to see newspapers editorially endorse candidates and urge the voters to elect their choices. This was an entirely new experience to me, whose home country, Korea, prohibits by election laws news media from endorsing political candidates for fear that unfair reporting will occur under such circumstances. Thus I wanted to see how some better-known U.S. newspapers, after making their editorial choices of candidates, performed in their actual news coverage in the campaigns. This interest in the campaign and news media coverage led me to start this paper.



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