Date of Award

Summer 1954

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Sokolnicki, Alfred

Second Advisor

Helleman, Hugo

Third Advisor

Staudacher, Joseph


The development of any new program entails many problems, some of which are common to all similar programs and some of which are unique to the specific one being developed. The writer was associated with the development of a new speech correction program in the state of South Carolina. An attempt will be made in this thesis to present an historical over-view of the program with emphasis on the various problems and their solutions. Much of the information given here stems from the writer's personal experience with the program from July, 1949 through the present. Newspaper articles and annual reports of the department were consult ed in the interest of accuracy. Verification was established further by personal interviews and daily contact with Mr. J.S. Agnew, Supervisor of the Hearing and Speech Correction Programs, South Carolina State Department of Education, and Mr. John R.T. Major, Assistant Supervisor. A statistical analysis of office records was made to present the scope of the problem, the extent of the number of persons contacted, and an evaluation of year-to-year growth.