Date of Award

Spring 1935

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




It is the purpose of this thesis to show, by an analytical study, the amount and type of publicity which came to the editorial desks of the Milwaukee Journal over the period of a single month, September 25 to October 25, 1934. The choice of the time, although partly arbitrary, was determined to some extent by the days of public election and was chosen as following the primary election and preceding the final election of November. In the consideration of the rejected publicity, particular notice will be paid to the source of the information, to the number of pages devoted to each release, to the mechanical means of disseminating the information as used by the various publicity sources, and to any unusual technique employed as to the dating of the material, sending letters accompanying or preceding the handouts, or other individual characteristics, the purpose of which might be to more readily attract the attention of the editors. As a secondary purpose, an attempt has been made to ascertain in part the policies which the editors of the Milwaukee journal have adopted relative to the rejection of publicity material.