Date of Award

Spring 1968

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Sokolnicki, Alfred

Second Advisor

Bierbaum, Milton E.

Third Advisor

Jones, Leo M.


It is the purpose of this thesis to prepare an adaptation of Gearge Orwell's Animal Farm for presentation in Readers Theatre on a junior high school level as part of a unit on Communism. Animal Farm is a novel often termed a fairy tale or fable. It is far from either of these in the accepted use of the terms; rather it is a political satire aimed ostensibly at Communist Russia but actually at all forms of totalitarianism whether on the personal, political, or international level. This writer intends to show through an analysis of Orwell's life, that even in childhood he was extremely sensitive to situations which failed to show respect or consideration for the dignity of the human person. In later years this sensitivity grew to full flower in his writings, especially in Animal Farm. The writer also intends to show through a study of Animal Farm that Communism and totalitarianism contribute to the gradual degeneration of humanity -- that these ideologies can only lead to the day when no one will be able to tell "the pigs from the men." A further aim of this thesis is to show that a Readers Theatre presentation is an excellent method of teaching on a Junior high School level. The final aim of this thesis is to present an adaptation of Animal farm which will provide a vivid illustration of the concepts presented within a unit on communism as studied on the junior high school level.