Date of Award

Summer 1988

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Price, Michael J.

Second Advisor

Olson, Gregory

Third Advisor

Ksobiech, Kenneth


With its membership of over 400 schools throughout the state, the Wisconsin High School Forensic Association (WHSFA) is poised to reach thousands of young people each year with its programming. Since its inception in 1925, when it evolved from the iich history of the Wisconsin Lyceum Association, the WHSFA's programming has changed considerably. Brockhaus documented the Association's growth and change through 1949. His work has been an important resource for those whose fiduciary responsibility it is to govern and direct the WHSFA's activities. The WHSFA's history beyond 1949 has to date remained uncollected. This thesis is both an historical descriptive of the WHSFA, with the major focus being on 1950 to 1987, and an organizational case study. Based on the historical compilation, a close examination of the impact of the Association's change is conducted to ascertain whether the WHSFA has successfully maintained and promoted its co-curricular educational mission. In addition to Brockhaus' dissertation, this work is designed to assist interested parties in gaining a better appreciation of the WHSFA's development, positive and negative, and in formulating a proactive educational course for the Association into the 1990's and beyond.