Date of Award

Summer 2006

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

First Advisor

Ahamed, Sheikh I.

Second Advisor

Corliss, George F.

Third Advisor

Harris, Douglas


Technology is matured enough to make ubiquitous computing possible. Ubiquitous computing is "the technology that enhances computer use by making the world a physically computational environment and also by making computers effectively invisible to users [1]." Invisibility means that computers are hidden in the physical environment [26] . When computers are hidden, interaction between people and computers becomes different from the user interaction of current computing. Not only are the computers not to be seen, but user attention becomes a valuable and limited resource, because multiple computing devices might race for user attention. Thus invisibility raises the problem of minimizing user attention. This paper explores the invisibility feature of ubiquitous computing and tries to answer some questions such as what is ubiquitous computing, what is the invisibility feature of ubiquitous computing, and how can the invisibility feature of ubiquitous computing be implemented.



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