Date of Award

Spring 1941

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




The purpose of this thesis is to give a simple interpretation of conformal mapping by some functions, showing how they map one plane upon the other, into what curves straight lines in one plane are carried over. The mapping of lines parallel to the co=ordinate axes gives the means of finding the equipotential lines and stream lines of a fluid in motion in two dimensions, also the equipontial lines and lines of force in a two-dimensional electric field. But there are more applications of conformal mapping in physics. Only these two examples were taken because they sufficiently show the use of conformal mapping in physics. The material for the problem I gathered from various books. Nearly every book dealing with Funktiontheorie and Functions of a Complex Variable contains more or less information about conformal representation. I found a very good introductions in conformal mapping in Beiberbach's "Einfushrung in die Konforme Abbildung" and in Lewent's "Konforme Abbildung."