Date of Award

Fall 1989

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Slattery, Michael

Second Advisor

Krenz, G.


This thesis describes the issues concerning the design of the ODA Toolkit, especially the ODIF modules, which was done at the Information Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University. Chapter 1 gives a general introduction to the project. This begins with the introduction to the EXPRES Project, the ODA Project, and the birth of the Toolkit. In Chapter 2, a more detailed introduction is presented about the various standards involved: ISO-8613, ISO-8824 and ISO-8825. After that, a brief overview about the current work with these standards is given. Chapter 3, the heart of this thesis, discusses the issues concerning the Toolkit design. First, the routines in the Toolkit are classified according to their functions. Then, a detailed description is given about the implementation of the ODIF modules. This includes how the Toolkit is organized and how the ODIF fits in, how the data types of the ASN.l are implemented, and how the structural problems are resolved. These are followed by a discussion about our general design issues such as the coding conventions. We conclude with a discussion about problems that came up during implementation. The last chapter lists the conclusions derived from the work. Appendix A contains the references and in Appendix B you can find a listing of a sample code that illustrates a typical use of the Toolkit routines.